Benefits of Hiring a Colour Consultant

What does a Colour consultant do?

Hiring a colour consultant is something that you may have heard about when it comes to clothing. It was very popular a few years ago. Did you know that you can also hire a colour consultant to deal with the walls of your home?

Benefits of Hiring a Colour Consultant

Hiring a professional to help choose the ideal colour for your living room, office space, or any other space can save you time and money. In theory, decorating is simple enough – choose a colour that you like, slap on a coat of paint, and choose the right accents.

At least, it’s easy if you have an eye for design. If you’re like most people, however, you’re only going to be redecorating every few years, so it’s hard to tell what that perfect colour is going to look like on the walls.

Does the room have enough light in it to make the colour pop? Is the hue too dark or too light? What combinations might work, and which definitely won’t work? What emotional meaning does each colour convey?

These are all questions that a pro can help you sort out.

How much does a colour consultant cost?

That’s going to depend on which area you live in and the size of the project. If you weigh up the cost of having to repaint a wall that you don’t like or the time wasted in finding the perfect colour, the consultation is actually rather affordable.

The Benefits of Hiring a Pro

Do you have a space that doesn’t work for you? Do you have any idea what colours will suit the space? Or how to get the look that you want? Those paint swatches are useful, but they’re no guarantee that the colour you’ll choose will look good.

A consultant will take all the guesswork out of it for you. They’ll work with you to find the exact right colour and finish. All you have to do is to tell them what look you want to create. They’ll help you achieve that look the first time around.

Whether you’re decorating a revamped living space or wanting to finish off an office space, they can assist you.


  • Know a lot about the products currently available on the market, which makes choosing the right one simple.
  • They can look at the space with a decorator’s eye. They’ll be able to tie in key signature pieces and give them the perfect backdrop.
  • They’ll work on projects of all sizes.
  • They have an understanding of colour and how to create a harmonious effect using it. They work with more than just the main pigment; they also consider the undertones.
  • Want something that makes more of a statement? They can assist you with that as well.
  • They’ll understand how light alters the look of the paint.
  • With their knowledge, they can narrow down the options for you quickly. You won’t have to waste money on tester pots that will never work in the space anyway.
  • They’ll give you tips on how to decorate the room as well.

Final Notes

Overall, hiring a pro to help pick the right shade and hue will save you time and money in the long run. Give Mayfair Paint a call today, 519-756-9790, and find your perfect colour match!