Cottage Paint: A New Old Coating

Furniture is a lifetime commitment, or at least, it’s supposed to be. Pieces of furniture that were supposed to last forever seem to quickly chip, break, or begin to deteriorate before your very eyes. This leaves somewhat new pieces of furniture looking old and messy.

While you may be reluctant to give up an expensive piece of furniture, these time-worn and distressed pieces can end up making whatever room you put them in also look old and messy. However, this furniture may not be as difficult to restore as it may seem. This paint offers the exact solution to this very problem. With just a little touch of this special paint, your old looking furniture will be looking as good as new in no time!

What Is Cottage Paint?

Unless you are an expert artist or a paint connoisseur, you are very likely unsure what makes any one paint different from another. What makes this paint so special? Cottage Paint is a paint product made with a base of clay and chalk. This base is important to the simple effectiveness the product has.

Because of the minimal number of harmful chemicals present in the paint, there is little to no unpleasant smell that comes during or in the aftermath of using the paint. This lack of odour makes the painting and refurbishing experience not only simple but also incredibly pleasant.

No Time at All

The idea of setting aside time to refurbish old looking furniture may seem like an arduous waste of a big section of your time. Between the set up time and the clean up time, a refurbishment project with the wrong paint could end up eating up an entire day.

However, with Cottage Paint, this tedious task becomes fun and is carried out quite quickly. Because of the very intelligent chemical makeup of the paint, there is no priming, sanding, or stripping that needs to be done to the wood before painting.

The paint can instantly be directly applied to the surface. Once you have painted what you want to paint, you are done. Your project should be dry within the hour. There is no wasted time on the set up or the cleanup. All you have to do is paint.

Cost Efficient

Especially today, there can be an incredibly alluring pull to simply buy new furniture instead of working to fix the furniture you have. While it will be more expensive, the money seems to be worth the time that you will end up saving in the end.

With Cottage Paint, however, you save so much time that it is nearly impossible to justify spending money to save time that you would have saved anyway. In fact, you may save more time by buying the paint once you calculate in the time it would take to find, purchase, transport, and set up a new piece of furniture.

Furthermore, it is incredibly affordable. By investing in this paint instead of simply replacing your furniture you save time, money, and have a fun, peaceful activity to spend time working on. Get in touch with us today to get your hands on a can of Cottage Paint.