Design Ideas – Contemporary Wallpaper

Are Contemporary Wall Coverings Bringing You Into Your Own Future?

Wallpaper offers homeowners a unique design solution. It can cover a multitude of sins and be used to create a real design statement. The Chinese were the first to use wallpaper in 200 B.C. They started by using rice paper.

Design Ideas - Contemporary Wallpaper

Over the years, people have used different types of paper and textiles to decorate their walls. Contemporary designer wallpaper comes in a range of finishes and patterns. If you can’t find modern wallpaper ideas to suit your home, you need to look harder.

Of course, you may ask the question, “Is wallpaper popular in 2020?” The answer is a resounding, “Yes.” Forget the tired, overdone design on your grandparent’s wall. Modern floral wallpaper is big, bright and bold.

There are countless options when it comes to contemporary designer wallpaper. Choose paper with a watercolour effect, or a more modern geometric wallpaper. If you want to transform a dull space quickly, contemporary wallpaper can help you do that.

Is it Worth Paying for Contemporary Designer Wallpaper?

Anything with a designer label is going to be pricier. In some cases, it’s not worth the extra expense. Say, for example, someone created an interior designer paint. That would hardly be worth the cost unless it offered something no other colour on the market could.

With wallpaper, it pays to look for the design option because:

  • It’s high-quality
  • The patterns are exquisite
  • The paper is more durable
  • You get a unique look
  • It’s easy to hang because of the design. (If you need some tips on hanging wallpaper, check out this post.)

You Get a Lot of Impact with Very Little Effort

The most important reason, though, is that a little goes a long way. Choose a feature wall and cover it. The video below shows you how.

Pick up one colour in it and paint the rest of the room in that colour. You’ll have the amazing visual, with a quarter of the expense.

Designer paper allows you to get creative with your design. Why not choose to pick out the center of an alcove, or perhaps cover a column instead? Don’t stop there. If you have leftover pieces, use them to refinish drawers or tabletops.

The only thing limiting you here is your creativity. Just one small wall or section with the paper on can modernize your entire room.

Choosing the Right Design

The only problem you’re likely to have is to choose the right design. There are so many options out there; it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. Here are some tips to think about:

  • What room are you decorating? If it’s your teenager’s room, you’ll want a very different style from your master bedroom.
  • Would you like something more masculine or feminine? A geometric pattern can perform double duty here. So could a watercolour splash pattern. Delicate roses, on the other hand, make a more distinctive feminine impression.
  • How big is the room? A large, bold pattern might overwhelm a tiny bathroom. A small design looks lost in a cavernous space.

Final Notes

Choosing designer paper for your walls is an investment in style. The paper instantly transforms the room. It’s one of the easiest ways to incorporate designer luxury without breaking the bank.