Exterior House Painting Tips

What Critical Exterior Painting Tips Should You Know? Even Before You Pick Up a Brush…

Before painting the exterior of your house, it is good to ask yourself these questions: How much will it cost to paint the outside of my house, how many coats of paint will the exterior require,  and what is the best paint finish for the exterior of my home?

Exterior paint colour selection should match your lawns, gardens, and hedges for an attractive, cohesive homestead. The following exterior house painting tips will help you get ultimate results.

Exterior House Painting Tips

Choosing Your Colours

There is a wide range of colours that you can choose from. Do some analysis to end up with a pleasing palette of colours. The most important exterior house painting tip is to take your time. Paint dealers can also be a valuable source of guidance and exterior house painting tips.

Take time researching colour schemes if you aren’t familiar with them. Plan, consult and read home improvement tips for other exterior house painting tips.

Consider General and Specific Exterior Areas

Another essential exterior house painting tip is determining colour for the trims, accents, and fields on the exterior of your home. Fields are large areas, such as walls, while trims and accents are smaller parts like frames, corner boards, gutters, etc.

A homeowner must know the primary house colour before deciding on the accents, trims and fields. Consider having different colours for trims and accents, and a single colour for the fields. Your house exterior can include a range of colours on walls, roof, frames, gutters, etc.

Another exterior house painting tip that homeowners should be aware of is that exterior painting can’t be effective if a primer coat isn’t done first.

The exterior of your house is exposed to lots of harsh environmental and human activities. Roofs, gutters, shutters, or any other part of the exterior needs a primer coat first to guarantee durability.

Build your Color Scheme

A beautiful colour scheme considers the design and surroundings of your house. The question of what is the best finish for exterior of the home must be asked. As mentioned above, taking.

Your time to create a suitable colour scheme that you love is one of the most essential exterior house painting tips.

Your house architectural style is also a good indicator for designing a colour scheme. Whether antique or modern, another good exterior house painting tip is go for colour combinations that match your architectural design:

  1. Colonial: This style has bright interiors and fewer colours on exteriors, with many accents and trims that require a variety of colours.
  2. Victorian: This style can use up to six combinations of colours for the various elements of the exterior.
  3. Craftsman: Incorporates dark colour schemes, and also colours that match the ground and natural surroundings of where the house is.


Follow these exterior house paintings tips carefully; they are the blueprint needed when planning and budgeting for the work. Professional painters are also a valuable resource for other exterior house painting tips. It’s also advisable to maintain a keen eye on your neighbourhood to get some colour clues for your exterior.