Finding Inspiration Through the Best Interior Design Magazines

Never Be Stuck for Awesome Inspiration Again

The great Picasso once said, “good artists borrow, great artists steal.”

We like to call it “finding inspiration.”

Finding Inspiration Through the Best Interior Design Magazines

We all need inspiration now and then. It’s sometimes hard to come up with design ideas on our own. What’s the right color for my bathroom? Which wallpaper do I use? These questions can keep you up at night!

Do yourself a favour! Get your next big idea from the most popular interior design magazines out there. These are full of stunning examples from the best in the field, so you know you’re in good hands. Get those creative juices flowing and borrow a page from these interior design publications.

  1. Elle Décor

Elle Décor started in 1989 and is a magazine focused entirely on home décor. With it being an offshoot of a famous lifestyle magazine, you can expect the same level of chic style and culture.

You’ll get lots of home décor tips as well as inspiration from homes of celebrities along with the lowdown on the most popular interior design trends—so you’ll always be in the know.

  1. Interior Design

Interior Design Magazine is one of the best interior design magazines for design professionals. It covers innovative projects on everything from restaurants to outdoor spaces.

As a homeowner, you can get tons of design inspiration here beyond just home décor. This can make for some pretty cutting-edge ideas if you’re up for that. Make your dining room look like a trendy bar in Barcelona? Why not!

Also, bonus points if you grab design ideas here to show to your interior designer. You’ll get much respect!

  1. House & Home

House & Home is for you if your taste leans toward a truly northern style. Based in Toronto, the magazine includes excellent breakdowns by the type of room or dwelling you want to improve.

The publication also includes inspiration through celebrity styles which can easily be translated into your own living space, and hosts a number of professional designers who contribute their expert insight.

  1. Vogue Living

This Australian publication is one of the best home interior magazines if luxury living is your thing. It covers everything from opulent mansions to luxury boutique apartments. You’ll never run out of ideas here for living like royalty or a Rockefeller.

The other great thing about Vogue Living is that goes beyond just decorating. True to its namesake, it features travel, culture, and art. You know, the lifestyle that goes with a stunning home.

  1. Better Homes and Gardens

The fourth most popular home magazine in the US takes us to something a little more down to earth. The best interior design magazine for DIY nuts, it features tons of home improvement ideas and gardening projects. Set aside a lot of time—you won’t run out of DIY things to do here!

More than just decorating a home, it shows you how to truly live in it. The magazine covers a lot of practical topics from cleaning and organizing to pet care.