How Much Does It Really Cost to Paint a House?

Start With A Plan

Painting homes can be a long and tedious process as well as a costly one. The average national cost to paint a house comes in at $2,581 with most homeowners dishing out between $1714 and $3682.

However, proper planning and preparation can certainly help decrease the amount of stress you’ll experience throughout the process and give you a good idea of how much it is going to cost ahead of time, so you can make the proper arrangements without derailing your life.

The biggest reason that home painting is expensive is because of the amount of paint and supplies that are required. Knowing how much paint you need to paint your home is a large part of the battle. However, it is a difficult thing to perfectly predict because this amount can be affected by what application method you employ.

Interior Application Methods

The two most popular methods of paint application for the interior rooms of a home are using a roller and using a paintbrush. A roller generally covers a larger surface area than most paintbrushes making it more efficient for large spaces. However, they absorb a lot of paint that won’t end up on your walls becoming money wasted.

Paintbrushes are much smaller and much more often used for detailed work or small spaces. They are greatly helpful for doorframes, trims, and other surfaces of that nature. They don’t absorb quite as much paint, but they are very tedious to work with. It is important to consider the opportunity cost of time as well as money when it comes to painting a home.

Outdoor Application Methods

When painting the outside of a home you may employ either of the previously mentioned techniques, but they are both incredibly time-consuming for large house facades. In many cases, homeowners will opt for using a sprayer instead. Sprayers are by far the most efficient, but they are also the least capable of accomplishing detailed work.

Cost to Paint a House

Painters must pay extra attention to make sure that the paint covers the surface completely and evenly. It is also advised that you do not attempt to use a sprayer when it is windy because paint that is blown away will not end up on your house and be wasted. Sprayers are a great option if you are looking to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.

Paint Calculator

Once you consider the types of common applicators, it is now time to get an idea of how much paint you will likely need. Luckily your friends at Mayfair Paint N Paper provide a handy paint calculator on their website that can help you to come up with a rough estimate of just how much paint you will need to get the job done and give you a great idea of the cost to paint your home.

While this calculator can only provide an estimate, it is still helpful for budgeting and making sure that homeowners don’t severely over or under-purchase paint. Contact us today if you have any additional questions about the home painting process.

We carry a large variety of paints and supplies to help you get the job done. Our associates here at Mayfair Paint N Paper are eager to assist you in turning your house into the home of your dreams.