How Often Should You Paint Your House Interior?

Whether You Own or Rent, When is the Right Time to Repaint an Interior?

Does interior paint fade over time? How often should a landlord repaint? These are questions many homeowners and renters ask themselves. Generally speaking, the interior of your house should last you quite a bit longer compared to the outside. For one, it’s not as exposed to damaging elements. Interior paints also do a great job of resisting stains and constant scrubbing.

Whether You Own or Rent, When is the Right Time to Repaint an Interior?

Still, you will need to do some repainting sooner or later. Keep in mind, though, that some areas of your house need to be repainted more often than others. To give you an idea, we’ve classified areas of a typical home into groups.

Areas That Regularly Need Repainting

  • Hallways will most likely have the most foot traffic. Everyone passes through them daily. They are thus at the most risk for dents and scratches. To maintain great looking hallways, repainting every 2 years is recommended.
  • Kitchens fall into this category because daily cooking can take a toll on its walls. Grease stains and high heat can all make paint deteriorate faster than anywhere else in your house. Constant cleaning further adds to the wear and tear. A suitable timeframe for repainting would be every 4 years
  • Bathrooms are one of the most abused rooms in your house due to the higher moisture. Daily showers, toilet usage, and other wet activities can affect painted walls. Not to mention the added risk of mildew and mold growth. It’s best to use durable waterproof paints on these areas to ensure maximum longevity. With regular care, you can make it last for 3-4 years
  • Kid’s Bedrooms are more exposed to damage compared to that of an adult. This is because kids spend more time in their bedrooms than grownups. This demands constant cleaning of these spaces due to regular playtime and the occasional drawing on the walls. It’s best to repaint every 2-3 years, especially as kids get older and color tastes change.

Areas That Seldom Need Repainting

  • Adult Bedrooms are typically used less often than those of children. It’s not as exposed to wear and tear compared to other areas. Plus, adults are generally more careful than kids. How often you paint your bedroom is dependent on your situation.
  • Living Rooms can be one of the least used rooms in your house. Depending on your lifestyle, this is mostly reserved for guests or family gatherings. With high-quality paint, you won’t be needing to repaint your living room for another 5-7 years

Areas That Might Not Need Repainting at All

  • Ceilings, for obvious reasons, don’t need as much attention as walls. They’re often not touched by anyone. Most of the damage you’ll get with ceilings come from humidity and sunlight. You can get away with 10 years or more without ever having to repaint them.

These timeframes are, of course, highly subjective. How often you should paint your house interior will depend on your lifestyle and how careful you are. Choosing the right paint will also add years before you need to repaint.

Here are a few more questions we often get:

Is it ok to sleep in a room that was just repainted?

If you are painting the room you sleep in, and you don’t want to give up your comfy bed, make sure you follow some guidelines. Use low VOC paint (the one with less fumes), paint early, and ventilate well. If you do that you should be able to sleep without getting a paint headache.

How do I get rid of the paint smell fast?

Great ventilation and a low-VOC paint are your best options to avoid a lingering smell of paint. However, you can also leave bowls of water with vinegar or lemon juice added in the room.

If you don’t want the vinegar smell, even just buckets of plain water will help the smell disperse faster. Coffee grounds and baking soda are also purported to help get rid of smells quickly.