How to Beautify Your Home with Unique Window Treatments

Custom Window Treatments and Beautiful Spaces

When you’re looking for unique ways to renovate your home, your first thought probably isn’t the windows. You’re thinking new floors, new furniture, new paint but a unique window treatment can really change the whole feel of a room. Custom blinds and custom shutters can step up your home renovation game, give you a chance to create something fantastic, and add value at the same time.

There are quite a few trends that are popular right now that you can consider for your window covering needs.

Pop of Color

You can add custom window coverings in whatever colour you want to your windows. Doing this works best when the rest of your room and its furniture are in neutral tones. A bright blue or a hot pink on your shades will really make your living room pop. You can also use bright colours on custom blinds and shutters.

Whether you prefer a vibrant colour or a more muted tone, the added colour can really make or break the look of your room. A splash of colour is a unique window treatment that can brighten your home.

Floral Designs

Another way to take advantage of custom window coverings is to purchase ones that have floral designs on them. Floral designs add an extra bit of elegance to a room. This type of design doesn’t lend well to custom shutters or blinds but goes well with shades, curtains, and drapes.

Using floral designs is a little trickier than picking out a solid colour. Floral patterns with bright, highly-contrasted colours give a youthful style, while floral patterns with softer or neutral colours give off a sense of sophistication. Choose custom window coverings that have colours that complement each other as well as the colours of the room’s walls and furniture.

Sheer Fabric

Sheer fabric is extremely popular and stylish at the moment. The fabric allows you to let soft light in while protecting you from harsh UV rays. Again, this style isn’t one that can be done with custom blinds or shutters but it perfect for those who prefer drapes, curtains, or shades. Using sheer fabric gives the room an air of elegance and airiness.

Sheer Fabric Window Treatments

Natural Elements

Unique window treatments that are extremely trendy right now are custom shutters, shades, and blinds. They’re made out of natural materials and perform extremely well with blocking out sunlight. Common materials include wood for blinds and shutters and micro-fibres for shades. They’re a little bulkier than other materials, but also eco-friendly and give your home a unique look that is truly your own.

The Bottom Line

Renovating can be hard, especially when you’ve made it a one-person project. There’s so much to decide on and watch over. It’s not as simple as picking out paint swatches as someone else gets the job done. You have to keep tight to budget, paint what’s needed, and try to find new and innovative ways to set your home above the rest. Getting unique window treatments doesn’t have to be part of that problem.

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