How to Find a Good Painter

If you’re planning on redecorating your home or office, you have two options.  You can do it yourself, or hire a pro. In today’s time-pressed society, it makes sense to hire a pro to get the painting done at the least.

The question then becomes, “How to find a good painter?” In this post, we’ll go over what to consider when choosing a painter.

How to Find a Good Painter

How do I choose a good painter?

So, let’s go over what you need to do to get the best person for the job.

Plan Well

The more information you have up front, the better you’ll be at telling a good hire from a bad one. Figure out:

  • What colour you want
  • What accent colours you will use
  • Which areas are going to be painted?
  • The finishes that you will use

Read up on the different types of paints available and what’s going to work best in your space. That way, you’re not going to be hoodwinked into using a product that won’t be suitable.

Also, research the different preparation techniques for the product. Your goal is not to tell the contractor how to do their job, but rather to make sure that they don’t skip steps. Keep a note of precisely what you expect and make sure it’s listed in the contract.

Get at Least Three to Four Estimates

Get the quotes in writing and ask for a detailed estimate. A good contractor should be able to provide a rough idea of all the costs involved. They should be able to give you:

  • An accurate time frame
  • A list of what prep work needs to be done
  • Advice on the right projects
  • An idea of the overall costs regarding labour and materials

Check Their References

You can ask the company to provide you with references. Do check on these, but don’t rely solely on them. The company is going to give you a list of jobs that went well, so the responses should be good.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references from where a job went less smoothly. That will give you an indication of how the company handles issues that come up.

Check the Online Reviews

Again, companies will often ask clients to leave reviews for them online. The company will focus on happy customers here. Fortunately, though, posting bad reviews is also easy online. Check the bad reviews as well.

Are there a number of them? How bad are they? One or two disgruntled clients might write a bad review out of spite. You’ll soon be able to pick up on these. You’ll be better served by looking at the overall number of bad or indifferent reviews.

That way you can pick up patterns of bad behaviour. Also, see if the firm has a BBB rating.

How much do you pay a painter per hour?

That is going to depend on the job itself. How much work is to be done? How difficult is the task? Where is the job? What materials will be used? That will all influence the price.

How do painters price a job?

The contractor will come in and look over the area. He will then estimate the degree of difficulty the job involves. The easier the task, the less expensive it should be to complete.

Final Notes

When it comes to hiring the right company to assist you, do your research up front. A good firm will ensure that the area is finished correctly, which will keep it looking great for ages. A little time spent now investigating can save you a bunch of money redecorating.

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