How to Hang Wallpaper: The Basics

Answers That Make Hanging Wallpaper Easy!

When it comes to adding personality to your interior space, wallpaper goes a long way. Not only does it cover up the little plaster imperfections of your wall, but it also offers you an almost unlimited choice in terms of patterns, textures, and tones. Let’s take a look at how to hang wallpaper and other tips.

How to Hang Wallpaper

What do You Need to Put Wallpaper Up?

The days of volatile wallpaper that is difficult to hang is long gone. The first thing to remember when you are hanging new wallpaper is to stick to modern materials like super vinyl and a blend of cotton and paper called Sanitas. Modern wallpaper is incredibly easy to hang and remove from your walls.

What is Self-adhesive Wallpaper?

Vinyl peel-and-stick wallpaper is probably one of the easiest types of wallpaper that you can hang to your walls – if they are completely clean, dry, and smooth, that is. When hanging this type of wallpaper, you don’t have to use water or any other form of solution as the back is covered with an adhesive that is protected by backing.

Hang self-adhesive wallpaper by starting at the ceiling and work your way down. Remove the backing at foot-long lengths as you hang the paper and smooth out bubbles with a wallpaper brush. Since self-adhesive wallpaper is reusable, you can save the backing for future use.

How Long Do You Soak Wallpaper?

After cutting out your strips, you have to paste it evenly, folded and rolled. It is important that you remain consistent with your soaking time, which will depend on the type of wallpaper as well as your room’s temperature. This is typically between 8 and 12 minutes.

Remember to only paste a few strips at a time and hang them to your walls in the order that you pasted them. Another option is to apply the paste directly to the walls.

How do You Know How Much Wallpaper You Need?

The amount of wallpaper you’ll need can be easily calculated using a simple formula: Multiply the sum of the length of all your walls by the sum of the width of all your walls that you want to cover. This will be the total square footage that you will need to cover with wallpaper. Make sure that you buy at least this amount of wallpaper.

How to Hang Your Wallpaper

Start hanging your wallpaper at the nearest window and work your way to the opposite side. The first length is the most important as it will ensure that all the other lengths are 100% vertical. Keep a level at hand so that you can constantly check your accuracy. When you are done, trim your paper the bottom, top, and corners with a sharp knife.

How Long Does It Take for Wallpaper to Dry?

When you are done hanging your wallpaper, the only thing left to do to wait for it to dry. Depending on the conditions in the room, this can typically take anything from 24 to 48 hours. If you hung wallpaper in a colder back room that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight or ventilation, drying can take up to a week. Make sure that there are no excessive heat or drafts in the room while your wallpaper is drying.

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