Ideas for Great Contemporary Window Treatments

Windows perform an essential, practical, and decorative function in your home. While you can’t easily change out the windows themselves, what you can do easily is update the window treatments.

Using contemporary window treatments can update the look of a room instantly. It’s a simple update that can make a significant impact where it counts. What are the hottest contemporary window treatments right now? Let’s have a look.

Ideas for Great Contemporary Window Treatments

Specialized Finishes

If you don’t want drapes or blinds, your options might seem limited when it comes to window treatments. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. Several different finishes can be used in a home.

Frosted glass is an extremely popular option if you want to take advantage of the light but still want privacy. The frosted glass allows natural light to flood in, but it blocks off enough details so that people outside cannot look in.

There are other types of window films that can be applied to help preserve privacy and keep your home cooler as well. Glazing is one such example, but you can also rely on more decorative finishes. A faux stained-glass look is one such alternative.

Specialized finishes provide a unique alternative to drapes or blinds. They are especially useful in areas where space is limited. Best of all, the film can be removed at a later stage so you can always update it.


Go for a more traditional looking harem screen, or use something more modern. Screens are an ideal alternative to drapes if allergies are a problem. They do an excellent job of protecting privacy while still allowing air and light through.

They can be as intricate or simple as you like.

Shades and Shutters

Shades have become more popular over the last few years because they allow you to incorporate fabrics that can filter out UV light. These are not the old kinds of shades that you might have grown up with, though. Here are some things to consider about shades:

  • Modern shades can be worked by remote control or programmed to raise and lower as required.
  • The advantage of shades over screens or treatments is that you get an extra layer of protection from the elements.
  • They can also be chosen in fabrics to suit any décor and provide a soft light. With the right fabrics, they won’t let a ray of light through them.

Shutters are a classic favourite. If you feel that the typical colonial type white shutter finish is outdated, update things using a fashion colour instead.

Shades and Shutters


Okay, technically this is not a window treatment, but a large piece of art can be put to good use here. Place it below the window during the day and then place it over the window at night.

Artwork in the right size and shape can multitask in any room. Use a favourite painting or drawing as floor art below the window by day, and as a privacy shield and creative accent at night. This is a fun way to dress windows and also an alternative to more traditional treatments.

Final Notes

The key to getting modern window treatments right is to think outside the box. If you’re tired of the same old drapes, we’ve given you a lot of alternatives to consider. Perhaps you prefer drapes or blinds. If that’s the case, check out HGTV’s post for some alternative ideas.

If you’d like a help drawing the whole look together, give Mayfair Paint a call! We’ll help you pick up the perfect wall colour or trim to match the new window treatments.