Contractor, Consultant and Designer


Need Help from an Expert?

Here are just some of the fine professional services you'll find at Mayfair Paint N Paper:

• Paint Contractors

• Wallpaper Installers

• Window covering Consultation/ Installation

• Colour Consultation/Interior Design

For more than thirty years Mayfair Paint has been working with the finest paint contractors, designers and craftspeople in the area. Our vast network of professionals will be sure to help you bring your project together perfectly!  All with skills in specific and multiple areas. Interior , Exterior , Repairs , Stains, Wall Coverings, Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional just to name a few.

Although it may seem like an added expense , it can and usually will, save you money and time in the end. A knowledgeable painter can be efficient with planning the job as well as product knowledge  the proper methods needed to prep and finish so that you do not have issues down the road . You can be assured that your projects will be completed by professionals and experts in the field. We are very careful with who we partner with because we realize what they do will reflect on us. Our Contractors have  great safety records and overall professionalism. They go the extra mile to ensure the successful completion of your project with minimal disruptions to your business day. We only refer paint contractors to customers that we truly trust and have a long history with. If you think this is something that may interest you. Please fill out the contractor project assessment form. We will take it from there and connect you with the perfect match. We will always base our decisions on what is best for you and  will assist you every step of the way.

Painting is a professional skill built on experience. The good news is that finding a professional painter for any given job, whether an interior or exterior painting project, doesn’t have to be difficult

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