Shining Light on California Shutters

Here at Mayfair Paint N Paper, we offer a wide selection of blinds and shutters, including our much sought after California shutters, to ensure that your windows work for you. The right set of blinds offer style and control in your home.

Windows and natural lighting can make any room seem lighter, happier, and bigger. People are constantly hunting down their dream room which is equipped with great windows and lots of romantic sunlight pouring in. Part of the attraction to natural lighting is its wonderful unpredictability.

However, this can also cause problems. Too much light flooding into a room can mean a painful amount of light in your eyes or uncomfortable indoor temperatures. These risks do not mean that you should compromise your desire for windows and lights. It simply means that you need to find the right shutters to regulate the amount of sunlight coming into your room.

What Are California Shutters?

California shutters are not as originally confusing as they may sound at first. They are simply shutters that have blind panels that are 2.5 inches wide. Why does this small distinction make such a large difference?

If you have a yard that you have worked very hard on, you will want to be able to see it from inside the house. This width allows for wider gaps between the panels which allows broader views of the outdoors and wider blocks of sunlight to be ushered into your home at a time.

Because these shutters are louvers are larger, there are fewer of them. With a Plantation shutter, double the number of louvers are needed to cover the same amount of space. This look can quickly look messy and take away from the overall aesthetic of the room.

The great thing about California shutters is that whatever size the window that you are trying to cover is, these blinds will add a stylish, sun protective flare to the room. These many advantages are not found in the Plantation shutter. The California shutter came to be because the necessity to improve on what the Plantation shutter provided, saw what could be better, and fixed it.

Why Mayfair?

In a world where shutters and blinds are sold all over the place, we are the place that you should be making your final purchase. We are a local company with the community’s best interest at heart. Because we are not a faceless big business, we are in the business of really getting to know our customers and understand their individual needs.

We have been here, helping out the local community and local economy since 1989, and we are still going strong! As the years go by, we gain more helpful experience and insight that will help us help you.

Our company is populated with trained specialists that are dedicated to getting you what you want. It is important to us that your California blinds suit your style. Contact us today to get a price estimate and a better idea about what blinds will work best in your home.