showcase questionnaire


Please do your best to answer them the best you can, don't worry we will fill in the blanks if anything is missing !
  • Use the + or - to add or remove rows
  • Let us know anything that sets you apart from the competition. Why people call you . What you are most proud of. If you have any proposal letters or marketing flyers from the past . We can use those also.
  • Upload digital logo file If you only have one on paper or not at all, that is ok . We will make it work. If file is too large either drop it off or files to [email protected]
  • We would like to have a slide show or gallery that shows some if your work . It wiill running at the time you are being showcased. Please upload any pictures . If file is too large to [email protected]
  • Please upload anything else you feel may be helpful.
  • We plan on printing some marketing collateral ( flyers etc and a retractable banner (see below) If there is not enough information , we will use safe, generic and Benjamin Moore verbage.