What Is a Color Consultant?

“Should I paint my living room blue or yellow?”

If questions like this ever keep you up at night, then you might need some professional help. No, not that kind of help. Instead, we might recommend the services of a colour consultant.

What Is a Color Consultant?

What Does a colour Consultant Do?

In a nutshell, a colour consultant helps you pick the best colours for your house.

Their job is to take all the factors of your home, furnishings, and taste, and give you a combination of colours that will work best with your space. They will specify what exact colours of paint you should use where. They will even provide colour recommendations for fabric, furniture, and finishes.

Sounds trivial, right? colour might be a simple decision to make, but there’s a lot behind it. Colour consultants draw from colour theory and human psychology to make an informed decision.

What is colour Theory?

Colour theory is about how specific colours work together. Think about how red and yellow are often found together. Or how pink and green can horribly clash when you use certain tones. Knowing colour harmonies is the foundation of picking great colour schemes.

Human psychology deals with how different colours elicit different emotional responses from people. Examples include the calming effect of blue or the vibrant energy you get from red. Red and yellow are commonly thought to make you hungry. Hotdog anyone?

Getting the right colour combination in the wrong context can be equally as bad. Ever thought of painting a nursery bright red? You didn’t want that baby to sleep, did you?

Why Hire a colour Consultant?

It might just be an added expense, but getting a skilled colour consultant is worth it in the long run.

  1. You’ll get great advice

That colour scheme you thought looked amazing in your head? It turns out it wasn’t that great. Colour consultants can help you avoid such problems—and no, they won’t pick a random colour combination.

A good colour designer is a collaborator. He or she will know the end vision you want for your space and work toward that. They will then give recommendations about how to make that dream into a reality. Suggestions that you might not have considered.

  1. They will save you time AND money

Picking the right colour can be a very long ordeal. There are countless colours to choose from and a million different combinations to consider. Thinking about this alone can stretch your projects for days or months.

And if you finally pick the right colour, then there’s the problem of selecting the exact paint that matches it. Even with helpful paint store owners, it’s still hard to communicate this. You could end up wasting money on the wrong cans of paint.

A colour consultant will help you avoid these pitfalls. The money alone that you can save with them can make their fees worth it.

  1. Ultimately, they’ll help you decide

When it comes to picking a colour scheme, settling is the hardest part. Maybe you want this colour scheme, but your wife wants another. Such subjective decisions can lead to a lot of arguments and indecision.

Colour consultants make the perfect tiebreakers. They can give objective recommendations or arrive at a compromised solution. In the end, they’ll help you decide faster, so you can finally get that dream colour you always wanted.

Fun Fact:

What is the world’s favourite colour?

Blue! Blue is the most widely liked colour.